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  • Maqui berry freeze-dried powder - Most potent, least processed
  • Certified USDA Organic - No harmful pesticides
  • Certified ORAC value - Guaranteed antioxidant content
  • Certified FairTrade - Supports local workers and their families
  • No fillers or flowing agents - 100% pure Maqui berry powder
  • Manufactured in the UK - High manufacturing quality & safeguards
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Maqui Berry grown in Patagonia, ChileMaqui Berry

Maqui Berry (pronounced "mah-key") is the newly discovered "Superfruit" with the highest antioxidant value of any fruit so far - higher even than the Acai berry

Grown on what is regarded as the most fertile parts of the world in Patagonia, the Maqui berry surpasses all ORAC scores (the measure of antioxidants in a food) , setting a new antioxidant record.

Hand picked from native forest, growing on the richest of soils, the Maqui berry is nearly 3 times as potent as the Acai berry (the previous antioxidant king). Naturally nutritious, this organic berry draws the utmost goodness from the earth to create the healthiest berry ever.

Naturally overflowing with rich antioxidants, this little berry is a prime source for any detoxification routine.

Maqui berry ORAC score comparison
Pure Maqui Berry™

You may have already seen adverts and promotions for the Maqui berry.

Unfortunately, not every company has taken the care to source the finest quality Maqui berries, AND guarantee that they are processed so as to protect all their natural goodness.

Many products use cheap extract, or badly processed Maqui berry and not the highest potency freeze-dried powder. While these seem like a bargain, the saying "you get what you pay for" comes to mind.

"The buying and delivery service was excellent and I have now taken the capsules for three weeks and my energy level has improved no end, and I will be ordering more."

Mrs J Drameh, Surrey

Pure Maqui Berry™ uses only the whole of the fruit, the skin, pulp and the seed, as it is the whole fruit that gives you the highest potency, and freeze-dries it for maximum potency.

Certified USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic, and Certified Kosher, Pure Maqui Berry™ is one of the most natural supplements you can buy today.

Pure Maqui Berry CapsuleAll that you will find in the clear vegetarian capsules is 500mg of pure very dark purple Maqui berry powder - and absolutely nothing else - No fillers, No flowing agents, No additives.

"I found your product using Google, and although I came across other websites first, yours was the only one setup solely for maqui.

... I also noticed you included the pulp, seed and skin rather than just the pulp and seed.

I ordered Sunday evening, it came Tuesday morning, so I am happy with the speed of your service."

Mr R. Goosey, Kent

Pure Maqui Berry™ directions:

Take 1 capsules twice a day before or after food with a full glass of water.
You can enjoy Pure Maqui berry anytime during the day or evening.


500mg of Pure Freeze Dried Maqui Berry (Aristotella Chilensis) per capsule
60 capsules per bottle - 1 months supply.

Other Ingredients:

Vegetable Source HPMC capsule.

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Pure Maqui Berry Capsules

Best Grade Pure Maqui Berry with
NO additives or flowing agents.
60 x 500mg caps per bottle
(1 month's supply)

£21.97 to £15.97 a bottle

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"I chose your company because you follow fair trade ethics, the capsules are 100% pure, you responded very promptly to my queries, you are a UK manufacturing business."

Ms H. Main, York

"I should like to thank you for an absolutely super sales service.

Just received my second order of your Maqui Berry only a few days after placing my order.

Your website is excellent, very informative and helpful.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,"

Mr A. S.,, Powys